The LTDP EMiR dataset

Version 1.0 of the LTDP EMiR dataset is publicly available under DOI 10.5676/DWD_EMIR/V001.

LTDP EMiR covers the global ice-free ocean for time period November 1992 to March 2012. It is available as Level-2 product for individual orbits at MWR’s native spatial resolution of typically 20 km, and as Level-3 product in a gridded version consisting of monthly mean values in spatial resolutions of 2° × 2° and 3° × 3°.

Unlike methods relying on infrared or visible/near-infrared techniques, microwave observations allow for accurate TCWV retrievals also under cloudy conditions. An initial evaluation has shown that the EMiR TCWV compares well with independently derived TCWV information.

Summary information on the LTDP EMiR dataset can be found on its DOI landing page. A more detailed analysis is available in the EMiR validation report.

LTDP EMiR TCWV climatology, covering the period 11/1992 to 03/2012. Ocean areas shaded in dark grey are too close to the coast to allow for accurate TCWV retrieval.Comparison between AIRWAVE (A/ATSR-derived, dots) and LTDP EMiR (solid line) TCWV retrievals. The geographic area between 90°S and 90°N has been considered. The colours indicate the different MWR instruments (blue: ERS-1, green: ERS-2, red: Envisat).


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