Methods and outcomes of the EMiR project are described in detail in the publicly available documents listed below.

Finalised documents

MWR Calibration Assessment (DLV_EXT_06_CA_V121): Quality assessment of the MWR L1B brightness temperatures used as input for the EMiR processing schemes.

EMiR Level-2 and -3 Product Generation Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (DLV_EXT_07_ATBD_V211): Description of the EMiR instrument intercalibration procedure and the total column water vapour (TCWV) retrieval scheme.

EMiR Wet Tropospheric Correction Performance Analysis (DLV_INT_12_WTC_V101): Assessment of the potential of the EMiR TCWV product for improving the wet troposheric correction of altimetry observations.

 Guidance for Sentinel-3 (DLV_EXT_09_S3_GUIDANCE_V102): Using the EMiR experience to draw recommendations for the operation aof the MWR instruments onboard the Sentinel-3 series of satellites.

Validation Report (DLV_EXT_03_VAL_V100): Validation of the EMiR products by comparison against ground-based (GNSS) satellite-based (different approaches), and climate model based (EC Earth) reference data.

Outstanding documents

Scientific arcticle: The manuscript “An intercalibrated dataset of Total Column Water Vapour and Wet Tropospheric Correction based on MWR on board ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat” by Bennartz et al. has been submitted to Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT). Status: article is currently under review. 

[Last edited: 2017-02-20]