Methods and outcomes of the EMiR project are described in detail in the publicly available documents listed below.

Scientific articles

Bennartz, R., H. Höschen, B. Picard, M. Schröder, M. Stengel, O. Sus, B. Bojkov, S. Casadio, H. Diedrich, S. Eliasson, F. Fell, J. Fischer, R. Hollmann, R. Preusker, and U. Willén: An intercalibrated dataset of total column water vapour and wet tropospheric correction based on MWR on board ERS-1, ERS-2, and Envisat, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 1387-1402,  2017. DOI:

Technical reports

MWR Calibration Assessment (DLV_EXT_06_CA_V121): Quality assessment of the MWR L1B brightness temperatures used as input for the EMiR processing schemes.

EMiR Level-2 and -3 Product Generation Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (DLV_EXT_07_ATBD_V211): Description of the EMiR instrument intercalibration procedure and the total column water vapour (TCWV) retrieval scheme.

EMiR Wet Tropospheric Correction Performance Analysis (DLV_INT_12_WTC_V101): Assessment of the potential of the EMiR TCWV product for improving the wet troposheric correction of altimetry observations.

 Guidance for Sentinel-3 (DLV_EXT_09_S3_GUIDANCE_V102): Using the EMiR experience to draw recommendations for the operation aof the MWR instruments onboard the Sentinel-3 series of satellites.

Validation Report (DLV_EXT_03_VAL_V100): Validation of the EMiR products by comparison against ground-based (GNSS) satellite-based (different approaches), and climate model based (EC Earth) reference data.

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